Healer, predator, or victim

So… Am sitting in my balcony, Looking at the Sky Thoughts running like a river Connecting dots… And i am asking and wondering again..who am I? A predator, a victim Or a healer I think I have a little bit of everything and everyone I meet…in me. I feel it. I feel you. I dont […]

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I was quiet, I was not blind!

Today: A relative is visiting me today after lunch. He is my big cousin brother. He has seen me since I was born. He attended my parents wedding. I attended his wedding and loved his daughter like mine. He and his daughter have seen my posts and are anxious to know if I am well. […]

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Coming out of our shells

This here proves that the plant was tricked and gaslighted. The plant is me with BPD…the plant is alive and hence has a shape? and energy? and hunger? But the plant was told there is no light for you….you are destined to die in the darkness…inside the shell. I made these organic (mask shape) pots […]

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I am a stigma

I learnt the difference between the two words and also what they mean…since i did not know the meaning. I didnt realize it applied to me! Stigma is a noun. My conversation with my younger daughter (D)   Me: I am a stigma because i have BPD ..a illness. D: what… what is stigma mean? […]

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A BPD Woman

Human beings in this place are categorized in 2 types Born a man,….entitled to be human…lifetime guarantee! Born a woman…entitled to be human..can expire ANYTIME, no warranty!  I felt safe in USA. I dont feel safe here. As a woman…as a mother of 2 young girls…as a businesswoman….as a human being…as a proud DAUGHTER.. I dont […]

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