I am a stigma

I learnt the difference between the two words and also what they mean…since i did not know the meaning. I didnt realize it applied to me! Stigma is a noun. My conversation with my younger daughter (D)   Me: I am a stigma because i have BPD ..a illness. D: what… what is stigma mean? […]

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A BPD Woman

Human beings in this place are categorized in 2 types Born a man,….entitled to be human…lifetime guarantee! Born a woman…entitled to be human..can expire ANYTIME, no warranty!  I felt safe in USA. I dont feel safe here. As a woman…as a mother of 2 young girls…as a businesswoman….as a human being…as a proud DAUGHTER.. I dont […]

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BPD 101

“You get hijacked by your feelings”…Dr. S had told me….I did not understand the full extend of it. I have been treated as a “normal MOM” and accepted by my girls. So i didn’t think i could be sick. I am up. Shit shower smoke.. And for the rest of the day my focus remains […]

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Toxic Relationships 101: written “BC” before discovery of the truth! June 2018

Written June 2018: before the disCovery of truth. “BC” I want to call it. (It also stands for a very favourite cussword of mine…hehe) Look around you….at people you have any relation/interaction with….yes….including the maid and the driver, and the neighbor and the Relatives and friends….people closest to you….people you TRUST fo watch out for […]

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I don’t feel like me anymore.

I am feeling hot. I cant tolerate heat, i can’t wear this fabric or dress because it makes makes me hot. And when i FEEL hot…i get irritated and loose my cool. The world: whats wrong with you…its not unbearable. Look at me…i am not affected. You were born in such a hot country…so you […]

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BPD is real- get help!

I did not know WHO I was….I am finding me….sorting…sifting through what I remember…YES…I have lost time and memory. I have lost my happiness because everything was a struggle. I reached for help….took me 44 years of LIVING WITH bpd….before I got a correct diagnosis. So, IF you don’t have one…then I can share my […]

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Yesterday’s therapy session

My therapist was smiling from ear to ear….I could HEAR in her voice. We have never met. She and me. But we have been talking for 2 years now. Twice a week. She has brought me far….we have made a lot of progress, when I look back. And if you need a consult…. She was […]

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My small hometown.

A town like no other… I felt free and proud on the streets. Its a different world. A place where the sons were raised by giving examples of the women… Everything was lively…sports…swimming…watching uncles sit and play cards at the university club house… Never got flack for anything. I was free. It had culture! People […]

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A lot has happened.

It started pouring INSIGHT and FEELING and a glimpse of me….what happened?….A FEW things happened …in succession… April 22nd, evening: my younger one came up to me and said…Mumma, you used to play this song a lot, when I was a little girl…and she hummed it to me…”Tom’s Diner”…and I remembered…. She went on to […]

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