What if I was not a label?

Think about it… (My conversation withthe unknown) A: are you girl baby or boy baby? D: I am told I am a girl….so… A: Did someone touch you? D: yes…but it was a game we played A: Go stand in that line (que) that says oblivious to abuse. D: but there are boys too in […]

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I stood up for me…

I did it yesterday I went to the police station and I filed a domestic abuse case against the man I married 22 years ago. I didnt care…I just had to do right by me and my honour. It’s a crime against humanity to keep unsuspecting humans as nonexistent entities. I handed the marriage photograph […]

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Mentally healthy? Slow down…

A few things I have learnt about me…noticed for me, living with labels all my life, labels from the mental health spectrum. But holds true for all human beings. When we are juggling too many things, our brain gets tired. And Then again the next day we do the same….keep living with the noise that […]

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Important discovery w.r.t. the Narc

I am in the middle of some life changing decisions, last coupla days… And yesterday I discovered something….which was such an eye opener….like a flash of lightning in the sky. Their whole game plan was / is hinged on my keeping quiet!! ..shh Seriously? So, when I spoke yesterday…started speaking, using words I never spoken […]

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Toxic Relationships 101: written “BC” before discovery of the truth! June 2018

Written June 2018: before the disCovery of truth. “BC” I want to call it. (It also stands for a very favourite cussword of mine…hehe) Look around you….at people you have any relation/interaction with….yes….including the maid and the driver, and the neighbor and the Relatives and friends….people closest to you….people you TRUST fo watch out for […]

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Do you know me?

All of you, yes you, my readers and likers and followers and commentators….do you know me? Yes… you know my pain, you feel it, you shed a tear, you all have come to my rescue at the drop of a note! 10 months ago I first stepped out in the real world. I had been […]

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What is my purpose in life?

…I have heard that a lot. And never paid it a mind. Whats Whats your purpose? What do you do? What will you do after you have done what you were purposefully doing? Why dont you have a better purpose? “I can make you my purpose, it will keep me entertained for the rest of […]

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