Abuse: In the name of Love!

Please identify your fellow companions in your journey through life…who are the closest to you, part of you. Who is your most trusted person? Yes. You heard me right. It’s important to assess these close relations. Examine them…flip em turn them inside out, find those examples when you felt like someone just slapped you and […]

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What if I was not a label?

Think about it… (My conversation withthe unknown) A: are you girl baby or boy baby? D: I am told I am a girl….so… A: Did someone touch you? D: yes…but it was a game we played A: Go stand in that line (que) that says oblivious to abuse. D: but there are boys too in […]

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I stood up for me…

I did it yesterday I went to the police station and I filed a domestic abuse case against the man I married 22 years ago. I didnt care…I just had to do right by me and my honour. It’s a crime against humanity to keep unsuspecting humans as nonexistent entities. I handed the marriage photograph […]

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