Gut pain & Gaslighting

I feel like I am moving through clouds…seeing new things, feeling the chills, watching my heart stop, my breath held…another day passes infront of my eyes. Yesterday…. I was gaslighted by 2 abusive alpha males in a third world country. I saw it happen to me, Lies made up with a smile Oh the mocking […]

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The mental & the dental chair

For as long as I can remember I have had dental issues. Going for braces, to a nearby town, riding in the car with my mom, and uncle S and his doll like daughter….she committed suicide I heard, when she was only 27….why I have wondered. But I remember her kindness and smile and a […]

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Abuse: In the name of Love!

Please identify your fellow companions in your journey through life…who are the closest to you, part of you. Who is your most trusted person? Yes. You heard me right. It’s important to assess these close relations. Examine them…flip em turn them inside out, find those examples when you felt like someone just slapped you and […]

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What if I was not a label?

Think about it… (My conversation withthe unknown) A: are you girl baby or boy baby? D: I am told I am a girl….so… A: Did someone touch you? D: yes…but it was a game we played A: Go stand in that line (que) that says oblivious to abuse. D: but there are boys too in […]

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