About me:

So….I have lived with a lot of labels and called a lot of adjectives and branded by the medical world…

and suffered a lot of abuse. I did not know what abuse was ….because it was all my fault,,,


I know better today

I know I have a name and I am real

I know I have a voice and here, via this writing space I will use my voice.

I Donno what the purpose is, I do know that the truth and the universe exist together. And universe is nurturing and you can’t go against the law of the universe which is to be kind to another.

3 lives were ruined in the making of this story and 3 generations of hard work robbed from my legacy. No animals were harmed. No tears were wiped. Its all unedited…like the truth.

my gratitude to this blogging community and me for being able to write of such pain in the hope to save others.