I can’t stop the crying…

I have no recollection of my trip to USA…

Its been 3 weeks i returned to this third world country prison and my days are blurred. I get some energy and i try to make myself useful, but then i get tired and my body starts to hurt and i cant take this pain. The dog has been staying close to me, as if it senses i could go anytime!

I have also been fighting for my honour….everyday

Yesterday i was at the police station….to put the FEAR back ….requesting law to stop the abuse. They did haul his ass to the station, but he doesnt see where the crime is being commited. He openly ridiculed me and TRIED so hard to put the fear in me. And i listed his entire family names, who have abused me. Him and his family of 11 members abused me for 22 years and i took it….

So….i weep and cry and my ribs hurt like i have taken a beating and my legs cant support me coz they are tired of walking…

A newfound guardian angel wrote this to me and i wanna share this….

Hello R,

crying is a process to healing the body, mind, and soul. When we cry, we are releasing toxic waste from our body, we are relieving stress too.

Think of the pressure cooker as an analogy to the release of steam as crying to let you know the food is nearly ready—it whispers that the meal is coming along and we know how good it will taste.

Crying is our pressure cooker letting us know we’ve come to the boiling point of being done with all the negativity that has insulted our lives for all the years we’ve struggled.

Your pain is telling you—you have decided to get rid of it by physically discharging through the tears waiting to be released. Your dam, your pressure cooker has now been put to work.

Allow you to heal in this most uncomfortable process. You are coming out of a dark hole 🕳 to rise into the sun ☀ light.

While I cannot guarantee the exact timing and process—I can say without question—you will survive the process.

You are a strong courageous woman of worth—you are a WOW!!!

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