Gut pain & Gaslighting

I feel like I am moving through clouds…seeing new things, feeling the chills, watching my heart stop, my breath held…another day passes infront of my eyes.


I was gaslighted by 2 abusive alpha males in a third world country.

I saw it happen to me,

Lies made up with a smile

Oh the mocking face…telling me…you are just a woman, a fucking stupid woman…

Aww…lets all settle down…

Why dont you pop your pills and find a corner to sob…

Except i couldn’t.

I willed myself to physically walk away…but then i broke down. Could not stop myself ftom shouting out and crying out loud…i didn’t care…

I saw the Evil…

And it made me wanna run. I was scared i will not be able to fight this one alone.

So i started yelling …for my child to pack her bags…we are getting out right now and i drag her by her arm in a state of abject fear. If i dont get out…i wont see another day…i just have to go….

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