What if I was not a label?

Think about it…

(My conversation withthe unknown)

A: are you girl baby or boy baby?

D: I am told I am a girl….so…

A: Did someone touch you?

D: yes…but it was a game we played

A: Go stand in that line (que) that says oblivious to abuse.

D: but there are boys too in this line….wheres the girls only line?

A: abuse is not based on your gender. You go and stand in that line .

D: i didnt have to stand long…it was a short time….i opened the door with the red glowing sign blinking rapidly at me…and it made me pause and slow my step…

…. i took a few steps in faith….and was suddenly kidnapped by 4 men. I fought my way and survived…

A: Have you been raped?

D: i dont know what that is?

A: Do you need kindness or a glass of water?

D: Yes, I know how to be kind, I perked up!

A: Go stand in that line….Trust & love:

D: I walked towards the trust n love line, it was a long line. But I was full of hope, and everybody around seemed happy. I had a masters degree, a used car that I loved, a new wardrobe from the garage sales, and my brightest smile on my face….knowing in my heart …..no more suffering.

I am invincible, I have seen the world, I can handle anything!!

When I was deep in this room called trust, slowly things started disappearing, people left, everything became dark, i was left alone….I only felt pain, I screamed and howled and begged for trust to show up and gimmes just one hug…my daddy is dead my daddy died…cant you see I am finished? I sob in the darkness with my father’s picture by my side…I talk to him and I pray to die.

Nothing happens….22 years go bye bye in a blink of an eye!

Then one day as I lay dead on earth, under the sky, I saw this sign flashing by….high in the sky…I heard your voice ( the voice, of everyone who were whispering to me and beckoning me. The sign read Mental Abuse

Behanchod (wtf)….what is this?

Why math, why not Empath class?

Why cardiac surgery, why not less working hours?

Why the law? What about learning the law of the Universe?

Why the need to shame? Why isnt shamelessness a crime?

Who am I? Instead of Who’s who!!?

Why afraid? Why not aware of a BIG presence of mental abuse amongst us?

If this word mental abuse was getting thrown around like chalk in the school classrooms, in the playgrounds, tattooed on the ball, painted on the walls, statues of binge eaters, posters of Heights of Shamelessness.

Someone anyone EVERYONE could have/ should have boldly spoken these words…mental abuse…

…might tell their story

…could potentially become the next cool thing (aside from whatsapp)

…..I wouldn’t be here today

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