I stood up for me…

I did it yesterday

I went to the police station and I filed a domestic abuse case against the man I married 22 years ago.

I didnt care…I just had to do right by me and my honour. It’s a crime against humanity to keep unsuspecting humans as nonexistent entities.

I handed the marriage photograph (as evidence)to the officer and he said…such a beautiful bride…who is she? It’s me I said

Do you think the bride, she is pretty? He said yes ofcourse and others crowded to see the bride.

How long you been married

How many kids you have

When did you come to this city

Why did you come to this country

As I started answering these questions…facts and data of my life….I suddenly forgot why I had come to the police station. What’s wrong with you, why are you making such a big deal and complicating things, making life more miserable (as if it can be)

I kept chanting to me..you got this, you done it, dont worry little girl

I didnt come this far to die in pain

(Since this morning I am getting threatening messages)

13 thoughts on “I stood up for me…

  1. Dealing with the system is going to suck, no lies. It’s still far too reflexively victim blaming, discriminatory and underfunded. But, if you survived an abusive spouse for that long, remember you will survive this too. What you are doing is the only way it’ll ever get better for yourself and others with similar stories, too, so you are very brave. Hugs.

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