What is my purpose in life?

…I have heard that a lot. And never paid it a mind.


Whats your purpose? What do you do? What will you do after you have done what you were purposefully doing? Why dont you have a better purpose?

“I can make you my purpose, it will keep me entertained for the rest of my life”

Because I dont understand the question.

I dont have a purpose in life

I dont wanna find cure for cancer. That’s a purpose? Right?

If I got asked that question…I would be like…dude…I have 20 purposes to get done today…I dont have time for one purpose and one life!

I still dont understand what this means…

Use purpose in a sentence…maybe that might help?

My purpose in life is to look at the sky, watch another cloud go by or a few birds fly and sit under the stars and not ever ever cry!

My purpose today is to make it better than yesterday and stronger than this morning…example, if I was crying and sad yesterday, then I wanna have a smiley kinda day.

My purpose is….

I dont have a purpose

I dont have a job or a salary, that kinna purpose?

Raising the kids and watching them grow for next 30 years. that’s a declaration to the universe…

“I want to watch my kids grow and thrive and have a better life than mine. It’s a done deal. So dont mess with me”

Sounds like a angry mommy bird to me. If you have been abused and your kids threatened, what kind of purpose will you have?

I dont know what I want to do.

I cant know….I will never know

I dont want to know.

I only want to feel what you feel and kindness and touch and smile.


It doesn’t matter to me.

If I can just smile and laugh and have one physical friend, prefer someone who speaks English, then my purpose is done!!

I bought me pink Rose’s to celebrate my day!

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