She went back to the first world country

She came bearing gifts and cheer and so so so much kindness and care…

Is she is mine?

I watched her, but more than that that…I felt her. The little scared kid who is out alone in the big world and standing strong. I feel her…I see a part of me in her.

She knows I got her back!

She knows she can count on me.

She knows she can do anything

She knows she is free.

I watched her climbing the stairs at the airport, forgoing the escalator…that made me smile. We used to race up…she on the stairs and me on the escalator. A silly little memory that makes me tear up bad.

I see my little girl…but I so t see her mommy. I dont see me….why? What happened, who am i, what happened, how is it possible that I am alive? I dont feel it. I think i died. And all i can feel is pain and tears…..and through my blurry eyes I see glimpses of moments from my life jolting me to another fact of my life, every day, day after day…I sit and I cry for help!

I got a gift from her!! 🙂


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