Why was I silenced in the name of BPD?

I had a team of doctors watching over me…then what happened? Why did I get sicker n sicker? And ended in a electric chair?

One diagnosis…BPD and depression. I was started on a 4 medicines. Twice a week therapy. I took my meds on time, kept my therapy sessions…didn’t get better. So my meds were increased. I was willing to do anything to stop hurting. Everytime I slept I was surrounded by dreams and I would wake up kicking my legs and screaming and scaring my kids. No taste of food, no sense of touch…i canburnmy hand and not feel it….super cool.

But my savior called and told me doctors that I was outta control. I didnt even know what kinna sickness I had thaT was making me hurt everybody…

I didn’t know what I know today…

That for 6 years I was gaslighted by my team of doctors and tortured mentally….to hell and beyond by my sworn saviour. It’s very dark there…only bad me lived there…amidst her tears and fading memories.

Since I started blogging and reading all you warriors…my eyes started opening up to my reality.

I fired my team of docs. They will gradually taper as per my request. I have not spoken to my therapist of 3 yrs, who has done more damage than good. And for that I shall never forgive…

I have yet to write a email to them explaining how they fucked me.

I am intelligent and smart..I would have understood that I was undergoing abuse. I asked everyone..isn’t it abuse..but everybody everybody said I was sick and I should die.

It’s a battle between their predictions and my universe.

You cant destroy me and leave me to die….not until I can help it and universe has my back.

I have no purpose no dreams no money

Just a fire to be free…to walk on the sand or the mountains and feel free like the sky and water

I ceased being a human when I was first abused at the age of 8 years. I am here to serve a purpose…your purpose…everyone around me who is shining has used my battery power


Not anymore.


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