I am a long time woman…I am not scared

I am a long time woman…

(This pic is a significant place for me)

But today I am not scared. I can see and I am watching and I am learning the world all over again.

The thing is…the more I see…the more I see…still do t understand.. but dots are connecting.

I am sure my father and me were abused and taken advantage of….52 yrs of his life and 51 years of my life…

A century of abuse!!??

Am gonna end this…I promise you.

I swear by my father…I will tell our story…how our light was blown out every day…each day we bounced back to face another day of abuse.

100 yrs….the pain I am about to reveal is horrible. In the name of culture…people being murdered…slowly…each day

I cry and hug myself and a memory surfaces…and then another memory surfaces, memory of my father…how he was abused…by the same person and concurrently by another abuser for 25 yrs. Being rescued by a saviour and being used again a d again. My chicldren…whT abouttheir abuse of 18 yrs. And we took it silently…again in the name of trust.

….this is gotta end. I am challenging the universe today!

My dad died when he couldn’t take it anymore…when he got so tired of being used. He went broke, all his money a d hard work stolen from him. He died coz he was broke. He was not supposed to die for another 5 years…or so I had believed. You will find out…my belief was right placed and proven. I am the witness.

I am going to tell this story…

My memories are lost…but my mind is starting finding them. I am looking at the whole picture….decades of abuse in the name of love !

Beware…be very careful…because once you are trapped like me….you become a long time woman like me…i am trapped….and bound n gagged with a bloody beaten down spirit. You can feel me, but I don’t have a face. The ones who see me, don’t see me. Touchable d taste are history. But something makes me very mad, .and mad refuses to die.

I didn’t start it but i will end this…


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