I have found more memories…facts..

So..I have found more facts…

Memory of something just hits me outta no where and I sit in shock…watching that moment…feeling the pain..

Then I start crying…as a chain reaction of more dots start getting connected …

It’s little parts of me I think that were hidden…by me

While I roared and screamed and fought and fought without knowing what ….Look at the irony of it.

The biggest discovery for me was that my own family…blood..Turned out to be traitors. It was with very calculated laid out plan…and I was the little girl…who worshipped them. Believed that they loved me like I loved them.

Then why would they not care about me? I asked for help after I had fought and fought a d was like a walking dead…but I donno why they didn’t help me.

You guys did.

All of you.

Each one of you.

I thank you all and wish you see a little light….it’s just me…

…travelling light


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