I think it’s over…shh

…so I wanna write but I am struggling with words..

I can see through the fog

I see hope

After decades of abuse…since I was 8 years old I think. Except I never remember learning in school What abuse is. Not the physical evidentiary kind. This ducks up your life like nothing I can explain today. Why aren’t there laws to execute abusers….send them to another planet with lotsa mosquitos….

But that is not in my purview. I will let the universe handle that.

I just wanna find me….the naughty little girl who just wants to play tricks and laugh and make magic.

I have lost a lot of memories. But these days …some jump out and make me freeze….as I connect more dots.

I am happy to be alive. I dont think I ever wanted to die. I thi k I have defied it and fought like a warrior.

Mostly I am glad that i have found parts of my mind…and my mind is getting stronger.


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