Wake up to failures!

If you don’t get good marks, you are not going to be successful in life. Doesn’t matter if you are brilliant at singing.  Look at the neighbours kid, he does so well!

It doesn’t matter what you do, again and again and again….to prove you are also special.

A battle that you lost on the onset….



We are choosing to live in denial. thats brilliant!

 I am a living example of how our culture BREEDS borderline personality disorderly people.

Look around…. at your own sister and mother and wife and girlfriend and neighbours wife….

YES. I am talking about me, I am a WOMAN. And this is my file…

Girl is born…yay!

dress her up, take pics, send her to school, she won the trophy, yay!! Goes to college, gets a job. NOW what? Cultural peer pressure and marriage.

THAT’S when you go SHIT!

You are CONDITIONED to BE a certain person, loved and celebrated…

NOW, part 2 conditioning starts: Put yourself in a closet…

From being the centre of attention to putting yourself second.

Mommy, he hits me when he gets drunk”…..

..”you HAVE to adjust sweetheart, I love you baby, but you have 3 kids, what will you do….”  LOSS of identity….you HAVE to do this, otherwise what will people say.

Imposed. No choices. No validation.

I am NOT asking you to write poems for me…..


when I say I am feeling very hot, and can’t breathe, and get very uncomfortable in the heat, and YOU say….

oh, why? everyone else is fine with it. whats your problem?”

Wham!! you just told me “What you are feeling is not REAL” or “It doesn’t matter how you feel” OR “I love you, just tolerate the heat”

this happens over and over again, and you get conditioned to ignoring yourself, to voicing your FEELINGS….

And one day you can’t ignore it, one day you scream, and next day you feel the same…..

Who are you to tell me what I am feeling is not VALID/TRUE TO ME! Seriously??


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